Range Rover Discovery Sport- better than ever



ver since it launched the Range Rover Sport has been giving tough competition to its German rivals- the Audi Q5 and the BMW X3.  Although the car scored brownie points with its off-road capabilities, exceptional build quality and smart design the weaker engines on offer made it less competitive than the German counterparts. It isn’t the case anymore. JLR has updated the car for  2019 and things do look promising this time around.

Land Rover Discovery Sport Overview, forcinduct

ENGINE- The Major game changer:

The car always felt the need for a little more horses under the hood. Jlr took notes and updated the Ingenium 2-litre four-cylinder engines from producing 147 horsepower to 177 horsepower. Although the lowest trim still gets the same 2 liters 4 cylinder 147 bhp engine.

Petrol engine, on the other hand, remains the same 2 liter 237 bhp.


Discovery sport is a beautifully designed car that shares traits from its elder brothers. The body lines are smooth and flowing. Discovery badging on the front gives a unique identity to the car. Tail lights to give to distinctive personality to the Suv.

2019 update gets a hse design variant just like the Evoque. This variant adds red sport badging on the back, spoiler, body kit, and a few more cosmetic upgrades.


Interiors are a blend of smart design philosophy, practicality, and luxury. There is plenty of room in the front seats. Back seats too have good posture and adequate hard and leg room. USB charging ports for each seat adds to the practicality.

Other features include reclining back seats, panoramic sunroof 10 speaker audio system, and a high-resolution central display. The only drawback with the central display is that the UI is not very pleasant to use.


The Suv has always been punchy and fun to drive, but it always made you feel the lack of a few more horses. It isn’t that case this time. Discovery sport with it’s updated engine makes it’s driven at par with it’s elder brother- Evoque.

The engine is peppy and makes you wanna push it further up the Rev band.

Off-road is where the discovery sport feels at home. This is the least you should expect because it’s a Land Rover after all.

The car handles everything you throw at it without a hiccup. Gravel? Snow? Mud? No problem. The car has different terrain modes to make it best optimized with the terrain and conditions. With the newly upgraded powertrains, off-roading in this machine is better than ever.

For More Images Visit the Gallery Below:

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