BMW 3 Series 2019- The Best Gets Better

BMW 3-Series Heritage


BMW 3 series was the car that gave hope to a lot of people that yes, they could own a BMW someday. Being the cheapest and most popular BMW you could get your hands on, it sure raised hope for a lot of people and clearly brought the German company on the radar.  The 3 series helped BMW gain popularity, market share and the brand value it needed to compete in the Indian market. The 3 has always been a complete package which left very less to complain about.

Best driver car in the segment, unbeatable performance on offer, German build quality, and unmatched luxury. All this has helped it to keep its competition on its toes.

 Lets leave the romantic aspect aside and talk business:

2019 is around the corner and so is the BMW 3 series 2019 update. Carrying all the best bits it has only got better. It’s cleaner meaner and better than ever.


3 series has always been a driver’s car. Performance and driving experience has always been its strong point. With peppy and rev happy engines the 3 was definitely the best car to drive in its segment beating the Audi and the Mercedes with a good margin.

BMW 3-Series 2019 technical specifications

The 2019 3 series is no different. It is the best driving 3 series ever. The diesel engine produces an identical power figure of 190 bhp. But it is more refined, less noisy and highly responsive at lower speed. This has been made possible because of the introduction of twin sequential turbos, one large and one smaller. The engine easily revs up to 5000 rpm. The numbers are impressive too-0-100 in 6.8 seconds which is identical to the original e30 m3.

The petrol 320i is scheduled to launch later. The engine is so powerful it feels like the famous BMW straight six.320i produces 258 bhp and does 0-100 in 5.8 seconds.


The exterior is changed in the latest edition. The basic frame still resembles the older variant, the body lines are sharp and bold all around. The signature Kidney grills are bigger although we liked it smaller and sleeker just like all the previous 3s. On the back, the car feels nothing special and feels a little too simple. If the badge wasn’t there the car could’ve been confused for not a BMW.


Interiors are smart and there is a lot of tech gizmos to savor. The central display is a big 8-inch screen which gets an audio command. Just speak okay BMW and it fires up to work at your command. The material feels upmarket and luxurious and the exceptional build quality can be seen everywhere. Seats in the 3 are big and extremely comfortable, in fact, they are best in its segment, yes the 3 has the most comfortable seats in its class. The room is adequate all around the car, be it front seats or back seats.

BMW 3-Series 2019 Interiors
BMW 3-Series 2019 Interiors

Although looks could have been better, It would still be total Justice to say that the new BMW 3 series is again a complete package be it performance luxury or comfort.

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