Jaguar Land Rover 5,000 Jobs Cut?

Do you think the automobile industry is a good option, as there are job cuts too, and that too when you didn’t do anything wrong or maybe it’s your fault but can you lose 5,000 employees???

Jaguar Jobs Cut?
Jaguar’s Happy Employees

Jaguar Land Rover maybe going to do this, 5000 jobs are going to cut as engine guzzels a lot of fuel. Not just that the diesel engine’s nowadays getting a very hard time to meet EU’s newest vehicle emission standards. Either the engine is banned in or going to in some cities as their sales of diesel engine have decreased by “a lot of numbers”.

Jaguar Diesel engine job cut?
Jaguar’s Happy Mechanics

Jaguar has launched a new I-Pace which is fast and safe and with a lot of features, and is selling in good numbers in Europe. But Jaguar’s sales in other countries might be getting worse.

Jaguar I-Pace
Time for some E-Cars

The company is gonna follow the way of E-Cars and plug-in hybrid’s. We hope well for the company and pray good for those people who are going to lose their jobs. We are with you guys, you are going to stay awesome. 😀

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