Did you heard about, one of the 600 manufacturing cars and 3rd make is being delivered in Bangalore India.  Bangalore is a seriously rich state. Just think of that sports beauty in your mind, the shiny metallic blue colored Lambo SVJ just reached your doorsteps and it’s the first time you are getting your hands on the finest, fastest, perfect aerodynamic architecture with almost zero drag, the most adorable bull with 770bhp roaring out 720nm of twisting force that will just whoooshh out in front of you in fraction of seconds and, you will only listen to the roaring sound directly coming deep from massive 6.5liters efficiently thumping fuel in veins of V12 heart.



Fresh new air eating grills, always ready to eat all the air coming.

From the front looks like a silent innocent beast, Y shaped lights are teasing you let’s ride.

Lambo Aventador SVJ Headlamps
Lambo Aventador SVJ Headlamps

Ultra-light weight materials conceived for maximum performance give rise to breathtaking design.

 Lambo Aventador SVJ Exterior

New design rear omega carbon fiber spoiler helps to stabilize while braking or turning in high speeds. 

Dual exhaust system makes incredible sound standing still or running but this bull is always hungry.

 Lambo Aventador SVJ Engine
Lambo Aventador SVJ Engine

Fighter jet alike cockpit center console making you feel like you are sitting in a jet ready to take-off by pressing the start-stop buttons hiding under small hexa red cover.

SVJ’s sports bucket seats to fit yourself in it completely to make drifting cuts without slipping hazzle.

Digital instrument cluster showing possibly all the information while driving.

Premium plush leather dashboard with double stitch thread design can be customized as per your taste

 Lambo Aventador SVJ Instrument Cluster
Lambo Aventador SVJ Instrument Cluster

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Technical Specifications:

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