Tata Showcased H7X (BUZZARD) at Geneva Motor Show 2019


Tata showcased its upcoming H7X (Buzzard) at the Geneva Motor Show which will be available in the Indian market around Diwali.
Tata also provided some of the specs and features will be included in Buzzard:

EngineKryotec 2.0L Turbocharged Engine

Key Highlights Of Tata Buzzard :


Stunning IMPACT Design 2.0 language grabs the attention of the viewer with true SUV proportions, incredible road presence and sense of dynamism.
Born out of the legendary pedigree :The BUZZARD SPORT is built on the new-generation OMEGA Architecture, derived from Land Rover’s D8 Platform. This architecture offers exemplary driving dynamics, absolute safety and a refined in-cabin experience.
Top of the fine uncompromised safety features : The BUZZARD SPORT is packed with top-of-the- line safety features that lends greater confidence behind the wheel.
Engineered for performance : The BUZZARD SPORT is powered by the cutting-edge Kryotec 2.0 Diesel engine, which provides an optimal balance between power and fuel economy. The Multi-Drive Mode 2.0 – the Engine Drive Modes (Eco, City, Sport) married to the ESP Terrain Response Modes (Normal, Rough, Wet) — ensures effortless handling over everykind of terrain.
Future-ready Connectivity and lnfotainment : A floating island touchscreen infotainment system with  8.8”  high-resolution  display  offers  amazing  in-car  connectivity  and  infotainment with an acoustically tuned audio experience.

Source: Tata Motors

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