Model S

Tesla an American Automaker know with the name of Chairman and current CEO Elon Musk. Tesla not only manufactures Best Electric cars at affordable luxury cars but it aims larger an also manufactures Home Battery Packs and more that you can visit and check on .


Among Tesla’s car lineup S,3,X,Y and the roadster Model S is the entry level Vehicle offering tons of features and technology which you won’t find in any other vehicles of this range. Model S has the longest range of 335 miles in a single charge, 17 inch display screen that can control the whole car and will drive you to your destination by own inbuilt brain or what we call “Auto Pilot” isn’t is amazing?, and this isn’t enough then other surprise is being an All electric car it car drive you from 0-100 is just fraction of seconds(check below).


Model S offers plush interiors and ventilated seats in three cabin colors white, beige and black. Dashboard is crafted smooth and 17inch screen is settled in the center console from which you can control the Auto Pilot mode, air conditioner, rear parking camera with 360 degree view, attend phone calls, Navigation, seat massage, and many more.


Model S is built with fine high strength architecture and manufacturing technology that its has the Lowest Rollover Risk and has the strong front and side impact protections making it to score perfect at Euro crash tests.

Model S provides you the variants As per your driving attire.

Ranging from:


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