Model Y

"This will probably sell more than the Model S and Model 3 combined.” His holiness, Elon Musk, addresses the audience as he revealed the new Model Y SUV at Tesla’s LA design studio on 14th March to be launched in fall of 2020 Let's take a quick glance at what all this latest SUV from Tesla has to offer, 

The Model Y's interior looks to be inspired from the Model 3 sedan. A large 15 inch infotainment display is centered on a simple dashboard.  14 speakers, 1 sub-woofer, 2 amps, and immersive sound for providing a premium audio experience. An all-glass tinted roof lends an airy ambience to the cabin providing more headroom and shielding from UV and infrared rays. Can be outfitted with optional third row of seats for total seating capacity of seven which will cost Rs. 2 lakh appx. and won't be available till 2021. 


 360 degrees rear, side and front facing cameras 160m forward facing radar 12 ultrasonic sensors Emergency braking, collision warning and blind-spot monitoring Full Self-Driving capability as well as the ability to come find you anywhere in a parking lot (you can dodge your wife but not this) Recharges 168 miles in 15 minutes at Supercharger locations 


Standard-range model: maximum range of 370 km, top speed: 193 kmph and costs Rs 27 lakh approx. Long-range model: Gets 482 km of range, has a top speed of 209 kmph and costs Rs 32.57 lakh approx. It will be delivered from mid-2020. Dual-motor all wheel drive model: Range up to 450 kms, top speed of 217 kmph, it will be priced at Rs 35.36 lakh approx. Performance model: Range of 450 kms, top speed of 241 kmph, 20-inch wheels, lower suspension, dedicated Track mode at Rs 41.59 lakh approx. The first variants to be launched will be however Long Range and Performance models. The company explained that it is built from the ground up as an electric vehicle with low center of gravity, rigid body structure and large crumple zones which provides unparalleled protection. Although there’s no confirmed timeline, we will eventually be able to see this Tesla's 'S', '3', 'X', 'Y' beauty on Indian roads too

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