MG Drive In Press Conference Topics and Live Feed/Broadcast


MG is going to host its MG Drive In event on the 2nd of April this year. MG is going to introduce some of the technological advancement it has done the are of connecting cars with IOT(Internet of Things) and other IT features.

MG has partnered up with CISCO (Leading Brand in Networking and IOT), Microsoft (Leading brand in the OS development), Adobe (Leading brand in multiple services and also leading cloud services), SAP (Leading Numerical Computation, IOT and Automation Brand), Nuance(Leading brand in A.I, Voice Recognition and NLP), Unlimit (A reliance Group Company) and media partners for this event will be Ganna, TomTom and AccuWeather.


MG has invited some of the best leaders & directors to tell you about the technologies right now they are working on and how its going to affect Hector and other MG cars.

Kulmeet Bawa : Managing Director (India and South Asia, Adobe)
Krish Inbarajan : Global Head (Connected Vehicles, CISCO)
Charles Kuai: President (Greater China Region, Nuance)
Jürgen Hase: CEO, Unlimit
Tsjerk-Friso Roelfzema: Vice President(Automotive Europe & Asia, TOMTOM)
Steven Hayes: Senior VP & Head of Sales (Asia Pacific & Japan, SAP Customer Experience)
Prashan Agarwal: CEO, Ganna
Travis Lench: Director & Head of Sales (Microsoft)
Mr. Gaurav Gupta: Chief Commercial Officer (MG India)
Rajeev Chaba: President & Managing Director (MG India)

Technologies that might get discussed in the Drive In might relate to MG Net Blue, Net Green & Intelligent Technology.


MG Drive In Live Feed & Broadcast


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