Toyota Supra 20th Gen.

Toyota Supra 20th Gen.

Toyota Supra was known for its value for money with the superb performance and aftermarket options that the sports car offered. Toyota Supra has been one of the greatest supercars of the Japanese of all time. It has been over 2 decades since the Toyota updated the Supra. Many collectors started collecting the Supra for their collection because the Supra left a mark in the market for an affordable sports car. It was the Supra that made the after-market options so popular. Most of the people bought the Supra because it was easily tunable and could produce massive power without any major change to the engine. Still, there are many tuned Supra’s that are producing over a 1000 bhp of power. Now, that is a hypercar category of power.

2020 Toyota Supra Engine

For 2019, Toyota has launched the new Supra. The new car is made in partnership with the German manufacturer, BMW. The Supra shares many of its part from its cousin, the new BMW Z4. The Toyota Supra comes with an inline six-cylinder engine which is turbocharged. The engine is capable of producing  335 bhp with a peak torque output of 500 Nm and is paired to only an 8-speed automatic transmission and will be sending the power to only the rear wheels. Toyota has optimized 50-50 weight balance with keeping aerodynamics in mind. Toyota claims a 0-100 kmph in just 4.1 seconds with a top speed of 250 kmph.


It is not all bad that the Toyota reached out BMW for the engine. The original Supra had a straight-six so, it was obvious that this time also they needed a straight-six. And we know that the BMW has done an amazing job with their recent straight-sixes and the V8’s.  If Toyota built the engine from scratch then, the price of the car would be much more than it is currently now.

Toyota Supra Alloys

The interior of the car is also drawn from the BMW Z4. The Supra runs on Toyota’s version of the iDrive infotainment system. However, where it does not feel like the BMW Z4 is the way it handles and drives. The short wheelbase of just 2,470mm really helps the Supra to corner harder. Unlike the Z4, the dynamics of the Supra feels sharper and it likes to go fast. The car feels agile due to its 1,495kg kerb weight. However, there can be a fraction of delay when there is a manual down-shift. The Supra pulls hard till 5,500 rpm and has a healthy mid-range.


The front of the Supra is enhanced due to the long bonnet and the aggressive bumper treatment which houses all-LED headlamps. There are many vents in the front which the Toyota says can be used by the after-market shops to increase the airflow for the engine. There are smooth curves on the bonnet which helps the car look elegant yet sporty. The new Supra does not look anything like the previous model. However, there are some throwbacks to the previous Supra, like the font used for naming the car, the front headlights which look like the upgraded version of the previous Supra. Speaking about the side view of the Supra, it looks sporty due to its compact dimensions, short wheelbase and the aggressive rear end. The rear of the Supra derives many of the elements from the F1 cars. The reverse lamp is mounted in the centre of the rear diffuser just like the brake light in the F1 cars. The rear tail has been integrated with the triangular taillamps which look sharp. The exhaust pipes of the Supra have been chamfered which just looks so much better than the normal straight cut-off pipe.


It is needless to say that the 2020 Toyota Supra is very capable, even after deriving many parts from the BMW. Keeping in mind the pricing of the Supra, we think that it still offers plenty of performance and is value for money. Toyota Supra looks stupendous, it drives amazing, comes well equipped with technology, features and most importantly you can drive it daily!

Toyota Supra HD Images

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