All New Renault Kwid Facelift will be launched in September and Lexus confirms Hatchback EV

New Renault Kwid Facelift
2018 – Showcar K-ZE

Renault India is in the final stages of testing the updated Kwid. The hatchback’s worth announcement and market launch can turn up some day next month. The reinvigorated Renault Kwid has been noticed on taking a look at earlier across India. Most parts of its exterior styling area unit expected to mimic that of the Kwid KZE motorcar shown earlier at the 2019 Shanghai motor show.

Just like the Kwid KZE, the Kwid facelift can get style parts like the split headlamp style, that has junction rectifierDRLs positioned close to the grille and also the main headlamp lower down on the bumper. The automotive conjointly gets new front and rear bumpers, new hub-caps, and junction rectifier insert within the tail-light units, giving it an additional fashionable look overall. However, the India-spec Kwid can continue with three-lug kooky for its wheels as against a four-unit setup abroad.


The First ever all-electric Lexus to be an urban hatchback.

Lexus has confirmed that it’ll build a long-awaited transition into totally electrical propulsion with alittle eV that’s set to be disclosed at the 2019 Japanese capital motor show in thought type.

The as-yet-unnamed thought is alleged to require the shape of a tall, three-dimensional and city-friendly hatchback that wears a a lot of art movement style than any model within the brand’s 2019 line-up. Inspiration is predicted to be taken from the brand’s 2015 LF-SA thought (pictured above), albeit updated with a lot of production intent.

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