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Did you heard about, one of the 600 manufacturing cars and 3rd make is being delivered in Bangalore India.  Bangalore is a seriously rich state. Just think of that sports beauty in your mind, the shiny metallic blue colored Lambo SVJ just reached your doorsteps and it’s the first time you are getting your hands on the finest, fastest, perfect

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Dream it to the Megayacht Level!

What’s a Megayacht? To give this answer we present Azimut’s Grande 27 Metri a marvelous Megayacht, whose exterior is designed by Stefano Righini and interior by Achille Salvagni Architetti. Exterior: The exterior of this megayacht is gorgeously elegant, which represents its owner as Grande in itself. Having an overall length of 2678m with a maximum Beam of 659m and draft

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