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Submit a post monthly contest

Greetings! We invite all of you to participate in the monthly post submitting cost.Tell your stories about your latest car, your old car – (Your Own Lovely Beauty), share news, give reviews and give feedback.And the best entry of the month will receive an Amazon Gift Card from ForcINduct. To participate, kindly Visit the link below: Submit a Post Kindly

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Nissan i2V (Invisible to Visible) Technology

Nissan i2V:- World changes and gets better and better, introducing new technologies. Technology immersing the virtual world into the real world to see the invisible-virtual worked on by Nissan new technology i2v. This futuristic vision of this technology maker for the vehicle that can merge both the real and virtual worlds, which will help to see the invisible infinite world.

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Basic Intro about Turbocharger, ABS, EBD, & ESC

“KNOW THE TECHNOLOGIES BEING USED IN YOUR VEHICLE IN SIMPLE WORDS” ForcInduct ABS (Anti-lock Braking System): The controller (ECU-Electronic Control Unit) reads the signal from each of the speed sensors of the wheel.As the brakes are suddenly applied by the driver, this makes the wheel to decelerate at a faster rate and may cause the wheel to Lock.As the

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