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We here at ForcInduct is one of its kind a tech company which provides some in-depth knowledge and latest news of the Automotive industry. Our dedicated team is working day and night to provide our audience with fresh and trusted news and articles. We ourself go through the news several times before posting it on our website just to make sure that we are delivering 100% fresh and genuine news/ Articles. But we make it clear that we have all the intent to entertain you through knowledge. So, just hold your seat get yourself high on the top gear and like a forced induction system we will blow your mind with the best possible efforts on reviews, images, and videos. We always welcome any of the Automotive industry related query form our audience and providing them in-depth knowledge and explanation for the same. Our team consists of best car consultants, local dealers both car selling and car reselling with B.Tech Mechanical, Automobile, and one Tech guy that will help you in any way possible. Within a short span, the reach of our website is rapidly growing, which means that people all over the world are loving our stuff. We also welcome Articles, news headlines form you all as well. So, if in case you want to contribute anything, just drop us an email. As we are new here, we want you all to please support us by following us on every social media platform as it will fuel us up to get these awesome content for you guys. Your little help will surely make a difference.

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I have always believed that one can conquer all if he understand the perception of change, which I implement everyday in my life. Survive, Believe and Evolve. I am a Marketing Manager in an IT firm and this blog is my workplace to provide world with better content and views for soar automotive eyes.

Dhananjay Lochave
Managing Director

Once in an interview, I was asked, what is the uniqueness in you. I said, uniqueness is in my blood, I am O-. I am 1 in 100. unfortunately, I was rejected, Lol. I am a person full of dreams. I have a lot of hobbies. I am a freelancer photographer, Videographer, Singer, guitar player and a lot more. I am a person who is willing to learn everything, and forcinduct gave me a platform to boost up my knowledge. I love to work for in this team, I love to work for forcinduct and I am sure, we as a family will touch the newer heights.

Ankush Gautam
Content Writer

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