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TATA 45X likely to be named as…

Before the Geneva, its teaser play time for Tata and one after another Tata is unveiling the six letter name words by words, and as said by Tata it’s new hatch name is derived from “an agile seabird.” Previous teaser dropped the first letter A, as expected earlier was named as Aquila but then another teaser shows the third word i.e. T, so it could be named as Altroz derived from Albatross.

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Kymco Announces “SuperNex” Electric Superbike

On November 6th, 2018- At EICMA 2018 KYMCO Group or Kymco Yang Motor Co. Ltd. Announced their firstSuperbike fused Electric bike – “SuperNex”which will be one of its kind having the most advanced 6-Speed transmission whichwill “make use of the most optimal power band of the motor to extract the full potentialof the vehicle. The gears help improve not only

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