Jawa: The power of the Legend

When we say cruiser bikes the first name in our minds is Royal Enfield bullet and now in 2019 its JAWA. The 50’s legendary JAWA was mostly liked due to its royal looks, drive quality, sound and had most advanced tech in those times, but unluckily JAWA had to leave due to some reasons. But thanks to Mahindra and Mahindra group who signed JAWA as its subsidiary and JAWA will be on road in early 2019 with a legendary old gold look with new taste inside.

JAWA has already teased with 3 JAWA Models named as:

1. Old legendary looking “JAWA JAWA” priced at 1.66lakhs

2. Rugged, Fresh, Modern JAWA 42 priced at 1.55lakhs  

3. Bobber JAWA Perak (Upcoming)

Upcoming Jawa Perak

Jawa Perak

The legendary JAWA is named as JAWA to compliment the legendary royal looks and other is JAWA 42 which is more modern and stylish with wider and lowered steering which is a direct rival for Thunderbird. Both the bikes are powered with 4 strokes, 293cc single cylinder DOHC engine with the twin exhaust system, and 6-speed gearbox producing 27bhp which is 8 units more than any RE.

The Italian engineered classic JAWA still carries the old looks with gold painted logo and chrome fuel tank but more mature inside out. The classic JAWA sound is now changed to modern JAWA sound due to a change in the engine from 2 stroke to 4 stroke also JAWA is occupied with a big radiator in front that looks cool in the bike.