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Un-believable Nissan: GT-R

Top-Speed: 313.8 km/h Mileage: 9 KMPL Fuel Capacity: 74 0-100: 2.7 Displacement: 3.8 Power@rpm: 570PS@6800rpm Torque@rpm: 637Nm@3200rpm Body Type: Sports On-Road Price Range Delhi/NCR: ₹ 2,44,76,539 On-Road Price Range Mumbai-Bangalore: ₹ 2,43,50,813 Nissan GT-R Exterior: Headlights Multi-LED headlights with signature lighting LED Daytime Running Lights and LED taillights Titanium exhaust with exhaust sound control Taillights Grille Carbon-composite front cross member/radiator

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Nissan i2V (Invisible to Visible) Technology

Nissan i2V:- World changes and gets better and better, introducing new technologies. Technology immersing the virtual world into the real world to see the invisible-virtual worked on by Nissan new technology i2v. This futuristic vision of this technology maker for the vehicle that can merge both the real and virtual worlds, which will help to see the invisible infinite world.

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