News: Price Inflation by Tata and other companies.

Tata is increasing it's price by 40000 from January 2019.

News: Toyota Clearance Sale (Save Up-to 1 Lakh)

Toyota is known for its reliable, low maintenance, powerful engines and keeps its members always satisfied by its after services. Toyota before increasing the prices of its cars by 4% in early January 2019 is offering a huge relief at the prices as a clearance sale on all the models to the civilian to increase... Continue Reading →

News: Toyota Announced Price Increase

Toyota announced the Increase in prices by 1st January’19Toyota Kirloskar Motor announced the hike in prices by 4% applicable to all the models by 1st January 2019 due to the pressure of increasing manufacturing cost, due to the Rupee depreciation. Due to the continued pressure of high costs, Toyota is considering a price increase of... Continue Reading →

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